A Day In the Life

A Day in the Life

9am - Children arrive and find their name on our board and mark themselves

as being present.


9.15am - Carpet time whilst the register is taken.


9.20am Freeplay - Both indoor and outdoor activities and play.


11.30am - Story time and singing.


11.45am - Tidy up time.


12.00pm - Home time for children not staying for lunch club.


12.00pm - 1pm Lunch Club.

1pm - 4pm is Rest time for children that have a nap and group play and nature walks and trips to the park.


Lunch Club

A very sociable hour for our children. They bring a packed lunch in from home and sit down with 4-5 children on each table plus a member of staff who also eats their lunch with them. The staff member encourages active discussion about what they have for lunch and any time left over at the end of the hour is spent as free play time. The children love lunch club, it helps prepare them for lunchtimes at school, sitting together in a very sociable atmosphere..


Between 9.30am and 11am we operate a rolling snack time, where each child can choose when they would like to come and have their snack during this time. A member of staff sits with them and will talk to them about what they are eating, where it comes from, how it is produced. We often having baking activities where the children are able to make and bake their own snack. They absolutely love this and we try to tie it in with any themes wherever possible. Rolling snack time complies with a Government initiative to encourage children to be responsible for making their own decisions and promotes independence.